FlipTales First Edition

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All you need to get started with FlipTales:

  1. 8 creature cards
  2. 16 ability cards
  3. 32 coins
  4. A story book with 4 stories, a Create-your-own template, plus 10+ more online.

Ages 8+, 3-5 players

What is FlipTales?

In FlipTales, you and your friends pretend to be different magical characters in a story, working together to advance the plot. It's like Mad-Libs meets Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

We created FlipTales to bring more accessibility and inclusivity to the Dungeons & Dragons genre by focusing on simple design, light-hearted voice, and gender-neutral content.

FlipTales is also the easiest Roleplaying game to make your own adventures for, thanks to the simple Custom Story template included. You can check out stories that other people have made at playfliptales.com/stories.